Our story

Michael Gonzalez and Vanessa Polanco personify their company's South Bronx location. They embrace, contribute to, and help lead the local artist community, welcoming the area's urban beauty, diversity, and roots.

Michael, Creative Director, has over 20 years experience in floral design and event décor, and is a highly skilled artist. Prior to starting Verde Flowers, Michael worked with leading floral design companies in Manhattan, working with an extensive client list and experimenting with a variety of approaches. A true floral artist, flowering New York City and the Hudson Valley.

Vanessa, Account Director, beautifully fulfills her role with balancing art and business. Coming from musical theatre and Italian opera, she has an aesthetic perspective and appreciation for both dramatic and subtle design. Previously an Operations Manager for some of New York City’s premier food businesses, Vanessa respects the value of a budget, a timeline, and the achievement of specific goals.

The Mott Haven cultural mecca is a constant source of creative inspiration and personal source of pride. Watching the area evolve, take shape, and become the best version of itself parallels the growth of Verde's business - the community's, voice, humility, and authenticity is always a part of our work.